A platfom to coordinate and collect my gambits with time.

I see myself as a problem solver.

My work focuses on sustainability of solution, cultural inegration and amplifying human potential. My key skills are around data, product and automation.


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Making things happen - for a better world, for a better me!


Simple answers to obvious questions

Simply put, it is my online handle - social networks, emails, website.

Blue•raaga represents two personal values with which I associate myself very deelpy. Blue - relating to trust; raaga - relating to harmony. Hence the name "Blueraaga".
I enjoy sharing what I learn, and keep control on my content. This website is mainly to share my knowledge, with a small part introducing me. I hope you will find the content useful.
Like you, there is a lot about me than what a few words can say.

Factually speaking, I am a consultant in data and strategy domain. I am an engineer and a business manager by training as well as profession.

I am born in India, living in Germany, and believe that colonizing Mars is possible in my lifetime. :)

I hope his is a good enough answer and context.
The logo is a simplified representation of spaceship, loosely inspired by USS Enterprise, It partly comes from Star Trek and Carl Sagan, and partly from the close alignment between Blueraaga's own value with that of the Enterprise's captain and crew.

The upward, westward ascend represents, one one side, growth and search for knowledge, and on the other side, my own life's journey from the eastern world to the west.

The primary colors of tail line bounded by black represents my emphasis on first principles as the driving force, with due respect to the sustainability and cultutal dimensions of our efforts - another set of values that the crew exhibited.
Yes I do. Especially for projects concerning data driven decision making, data science as well as engineering, cloud based solutions, and those in system & processes automation. I have delivered and implemented several strategy, projects and products in these domains. Feel free to reach out and discuss.
Yes, I do. But time is always the critical constraint. Education & Learning is the domain I am most passionate about. Feel free to reach out and discuss.
I am on LinkedIn. You may also email me on Alternatively, just use this contact form.